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Performing and Auditioning with eTc

Welcome to Bay Area eTc! Thank you for your interest in performing with us. Bay Area eTc offers two mainstage musicals each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Auditions are held prior to each musical, typically in August and January. All auditions are by appointment only and are open to anyone ages 6 and up.

For the actor, the typical eTc mainstage theater experience lasts 11-15 weeks and is designed to provide in-depth exposure to all aspects of musical theater. Our program includes:

  • Audition workshop
  • Auditions
  • Rehearsals (including dance, vocal and scene work)
  • Performances

While the actors are rehearsing, family volunteers are hard at work building sets and making costumes. Below are more details about participating in a performance with eTc. The registration page for a show lists more details as well as key dates.


Adults and children ages 6 and up are welcome to participate in a mainstage production.

Audition Workshop

Prior to auditions, we offer a free audition workshop where you have the chance to work hands-on with the creative team to prepare for auditions. In the audition workshop, you will learn about:

  • The audition format and get some tips about how to choose a song and monologue that is just right for you.
  • Each character in the show so you know which role you want to audition for.
  • The audition dance so you can show us your amazing moves!


Auditions are held prior to each musical, typically in August and January. All auditions are by appointment only and are open to anyone ages 6 and up.
For an eTc audition, each participant prepares:

  • One monologue, which is a scene or series of lines where only one character speaks. (30 sec- 1min)
  • One song from an audition song list. Accompaniment music is provided online and we will provide an accompanist during the audition. If you have already prepared your own audition song, please confirm your selection with the artistic staff at the workshop.
  • One dance, which is a dance prepared by the e.T.c. choreographer. The dance is published on the registration page after the audition workshop.

What to Expect as an Actor

  • All participants will be cast in an ensemble role regardless of whether or not a speaking role is offered to them.
  • All participants will perform in at least three ensemble numbers in the show.
  • The audition process is a combined effort by the artistic staff and a board appointed representative. All will be involved during auditions and will participate in providing audition feedback to students. The audition team will make final casting decisions.
  • Speaking and specialty roles will be double cast wherever possible, allowing more participants an opportunity to experience solo performing.
  • As an ensemble-based theater group, ALL participants will perform in ALL performances in the appropriate/assigned ensemble numbers whether or not they have a speaking or specialty role.

Rehearsal and Performance Details

  • Rehearsals are held in San Mateo, CA.
  • Rehearsals are held on Saturdays and Sundays for all cast and possibly some Tuesdays for lead characters and specialty dance.
  • Performances are held at a performing arts theater in San Mateo, Redwood City, San Carlos or Woodside. The registration page for a show will identify the theater.

Family Involvement

Creating theater is about people working together. While we are fortunate enough to have a professional production staff, parent volunteers are an integral part of putting on an eTc Mainstage production. Both actors and their families have roles in the production. A typical eTc Mainstage production includes a total of over 2000 hours of volunteer time. This is divided among the families of all cast members.

  • The participation requirement is 30 volunteer hours per household. Each family should volunteer both pre-show and during the performance run. Family, friends, and other interested volunteers are welcome to work on the show alongside the parents while under the guidance of the costume and set designers. Younger volunteers must be supervised and able to follow instructions.
  • Families can purchase a volunteer requirement buy-out option for $500 during the online registration process if unable to volunteer 30 hours over the three month period.
  • In addition to your 30 volunteer hour commitment, each family is required to participate on NITTY GRITTY DAYS as well as LOAD-IN and STRIKE. These work days are called Mandatory Work Days and do not count toward the 30 volunteer hours.
  • Volunteers work at the eTc Warehouse in San Carlos while the actors are in rehearsal. Tasks are broken down into steps from simple to complex skills for kids, teens, and adults. Volunteers are needed and encouraged to expand their skills into non-traditional areas. On occasion take-home projects may be available.


Participation in e.T.c. requires a high level of commitment on the part of the actor and their family. It is imperative that actors attend all scheduled rehearsals. Missing rehearsals negatively impacts the actors who are present and significantly slows the progress of the show. It is the actor’s responsibility to keep up with all rehearsal activities (blocking, lines, choreography, music, etc) regardless of conflicts and absences.

Each actor may have only 3 conflicts, and none during Mandatory Rehearsal dates. Conflicts should be reported at audition time; if no conflict sheet is submitted, it will be assumed that the actor has no conflicts.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are per person and include a complimentary T-shirt.

  • $435 first child participant (ages 6-18)*
  • $335 additional child participant (ages 6-18)*
  • $235 adult participant*

The costume fee is separate from the registration fee. Costumes are provided by eTc, but are the financial responsibility of the cast member. The costume charge is based on the complexity of the costume(s), but will never exceed $125 per cast member.

Additional fees are detailed in the show registration page.

Drop/Refund Policy 

Any registrant who drops from the program is entitled to a refund as follows:

  • 100% refund prior to Workshop
  • 75% refund prior to first Audition Day
  • NO REFUNDS will be given following auditions

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