Board of Directors

Bay Area Educational Theater Company’s all-volunteer Board is made up of members of the community who support eTc with their time, talents and generosity. If you are interested in seeing eTc grow to the next level of organizational development and would like more information on how you can become a member of this dynamic group of individuals and the eTc family, please contact us.

Scott Urman, President

Dina La Bove, Treasurer

Kim McIntire, Secretary

Theresa Budig Director

Jeanne Hoffman, Director

Keith Koch, Director

Robert Mullen*, Director

Danielle Brewer, Advisor

Caren Cioffi, Advisor

Sally Cristgau, Advisor

Patty Grewell, Advisor

Jennifer Jacoby-Yeh, Advisor

Catherine Houston, Advisor

Peter Moore, Advisor

Michelle Oberes-Padre, Advisor

Mary Anne Payne, Advisor

Kevin Railsback, Advisor

Lori Adams*, Director Emeritus
Jean Amabile*, Director Emeritus
Frank Huybrechts*, Director Emeritus
Lorna Smith*, Director Emeritus
Debbie Meade, Director Emeritus
Kate Bartolomei*, Lifetime Member
* eTc Founders